Crisp apples, and market updates

Fall has arrived and, along with it, the pleasure of delicious local apples. You simply can’t get any fresher than straight off the tree, orchard to market. So come check out our vendors and the varieties they have to offer.

Whether you prefer eating your apples fresh, or baked to enhance their flavor and aroma, you’ll find more than you’ll need at the Cedar Mill Farmers Market. But don’t limit yourself to apples! We have crate-loads of fresh picked fruits and vegetables, including fresh greens and corn, vine and tree fruits and, yes, fall berries.

So come join us this Saturday to enjoy the beautiful weather that’s predicted and the fun of shopping outdoors.

For the month of October we will see more than just the leaves change. Starting on October 3rd, the market will be shifting over to the corner of the Sunset mall, by Murray and Cornell, to accommodate the coming construction. We will be graciously located in front of the Cedar Mill Safeway for the duration of October. But that’s not all, we will also be adjusting our hours for the changing season. Starting on October 3rd the Farmers Market will be open from 9AM-2PM.

Our hours don’t change until October: we’ll be open 8am to 1pm this Saturday.  See you then!


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