Savor the lazy-hazy-crazy days

School may be in session, but summer isn’t over, not just yet. 12 full days remain before the autumnal equinox, when the length of daylight will match the length of darkness at night and begin to head toward longer nights.

But the growing season isn’t over yet, and we’ve got the sweet rewards of fresh, local produce to prove it. Looking for tender-sweet cherry tomatoes or crisp flavorful vegetables for your dinners, salads and side dishes? (See recipe below) Come fill a bag or two and while you’re at it, shop the vendors’ wares to find bargains on everything from a 5-star novel by a local author to jewelry and crafts to delectable specialties like local honeys and olive oils for your kitchen cupboard.

Saturday’s forecast is another reminder that summer is still with us: the high is expected to reach the upper 80s! So come on out and savor the season with us. We’ll continue our summer hours (8am to 1pm) through the end of the month.


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