A bountiful harvest at the farmers market

farmers marketLike so much of the local produce this year, squash is coming in big and beautiful, ripe and delicious. At the farmers market, you’ll find an abundance of zucchini, yellow and green squash, cousa and even decoratively-scalloped pattypan.

What’s so special about summer squash? Compared to the winter varieties, summer squash has a tender, thin skin that is perfectly edible, with a meat that ranges from light to dense. And you can eat it raw with dips and dressings or cook it in recipes either savory or sweet. Who hasn’t tried yummy, sweet zucchini bread? But did you also know you can make delicious pan-fried fritters with grated squash? (See the recipe below.)

So come on out to the farmers market and find inspiration in the bountiful squash harvest–and so much more. While you’re at it, take in some local music with the alternative folk rock sounds of Chris Baron. He’ll be playing from 9:30 to 1pm.

See you there!


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