A bevy of blueberries

How much nutrition can you pack in a little blue berry? Try vitamins K and C, manganese and copper, potassium and folate and fiber, to mention a few. Blueberries are not only versatile and tasty, they boost brain health and fight off heart disease. And the best news of all? We’ve got oodles of locally grown berries at the farmers market.

So come take a look, and take home a pint-sized hallock or a full flat. Blueberries are great fresh or frozen, when you can pop them into your mouth like ice-cold candy. (See the smoothie recipe below which allows for fresh or frozen berries).

Of course we’re not all blueberries at the farmers market. We’ll also have a beautiful array of handmade crafts, fresh, locally-grown vegetables as well as some wonderful home-grown music from Nathan Botsford. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Nate’s alternative, indie rock, come out to enjoy his amazing vocals and beautiful, original songs.

So do it for your health and come on out this Saturday to the farmers market! We’re open 8am to 1pm. See you there. 🙂


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