It’s the pits and it’s divine!

82a3bdbd-5f28-4ed9-82a7-91eac7792a5eFresh cherries have arrived at the Cedar Mill Farmer’s Market. They’re plump and firm, sweet and delicious–and growing deeper in color as the days pass. Come join us this Saturday for a taste and see if you agree that it’s a great year for local bings. Fresh cherries are delicious in so many recipes. Try the custard one below or just fill a bowl for your kitchen counter.

We’ll also have local strawberries for the third week in a row. But get to the market early because they’ve been disappearing fast. And while you’re at it, take a look at the early raspberries. Our mild spring means they’re already ripening in sunnier regions of the Pacific Northwest.

As usual, we’d love to see you this Saturday. Each week the number of vendors and products grows. Besides fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants, you can buy glassware and jewelry, hot coffee and pastries or a cold drink and lunch, even a book to read later at home.    

The forecast says hot, so come early or wear your sun hat. 🙂

See you there!


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